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Listeners are valuable

Radio should be charging much, much more for its listeners.

In this modern age of mobile phones and app-titudes, what other medium delivers as much value for advertisers, as efficiently as radio?

TV? No interaction.

Newspapers? No interaction.

Online (including online TV and newspapers) – interaction yes. But who is the audience? Real people? Maybe. But just as likely fake ‘people’ courtesy of spambots, clickbait, ghost websites and their ever-growing virtual relations.

Facebook? Twitter? Other social media – see above.

ALL radio’s interactions are with REAL people. Radio listeners call, tweet, email, message, enter competitions. They go to Chocolate Festivals and People’s Races.

Spot the  fake? Easy. Even listeners pushing a barrow are easily identified and screened out by talk-back producers. Ditto for twitter trolls.

Has a radio advertiser ever been billed for a fake listener?

Unlikely. Hell, in Australia , we even knock on their doors and make them put pen to paper to fill in a ratings diary. Fake that!

Radio has hundreds of thousands, even millions, of listeners. Real people. ONLY real people. Who interact with radio, every day.

The IAB can only wish its ‘interactive advertising’ industry members will aim to one day, maybe, have the audience integrity that radio has had for decades.

Stop selling listeners for a song. They’re very, very valuable.