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Radio is the Grumpy Cat

When a large retailer, or fast food chain, or agency starts talking about ‘content marketing’ or ‘content generation’ or ‘automated content’ what they really mean is using a piece of software to search all over the ‘Net for photos, videos, articles, etc that they can then redistribute to their customers or clients –with an added sales pitch of course.

So just like stale TV we’ll start to get re-runs of the same information on every digital channel we touch.

Except radio.  

Radio has always been great at generating content. For a start, there’s an amazing range of  programming material produced every day. Added to programming are ads and promotions, competitions and events and all kinds of other content from high drama to low comedy.

Now that marketing and advertising is attracted to ‘content’  more than advertising – it’s imperative radio CDs and sales managers remember that everything radio broadcasts (and even some it doesn’t!) is  ‘content.’ 

So it’s important to keep generating original ideas and putting them to air.

Because as the number of distribution channels continues to expand rapidly – the sources of content creation will continue to dwindle. 

Millions of people have viewed  a grumpy cat on YouTube – be The Grumpy Cat – not merely one of millions.  

 grumpy cat