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Real Advertising for Real People

That just means radio doesn’t suffer from any of the new problems digital advertising has inflicted on marketers.

Here are some reasons why radio deserves more marketing respect.

  • Radio listeners are real people.

Listeners aren’t frauds. Radio advertising isn’t plagued by scammers and spambots. There are no ‘paid’ influencers in radio advertising, no purchased ‘likes.’  

If you buy your digital advertising through an ad exchange you can expect about 30% of your impressions will be fake.

  • Radio spots get broadcast in their entirety.

It requires an extraordinary computer mishap to stop 100% of a radio ad getting to air.

There are many technical reasons why videos and graphics don’t load, or only partly load and it’s a major problem the Interactive Advertising Bureau and its members are trying to rectify.

The interactive industry is currently aiming for 70% viewability. That means they want advertisers to accept a 30% margin of error on technical delivery.

  • Proof of performance.

Radio Networks go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that radio spots are scheduled and played where they are supposed to be.

The most recent innovation is technology introduced by Australian Radio Network (ARN) and adopted by most Australian media agencies, which has reduced on-air error rates for ARN to less than 1%.

There are also two independent auditing services which provide real-time monitoring of the spots played against the schedule purchased.

Finally, if an error is detected  advertisers are able to easily negotiate make-goods or bonuses.

And the average error rate for the Australian radio industry is 5%.

As far as I’m aware there’s no independent monitoring of digital advertising.

Anyone with a TV budget may be interested to know that TV advertising has never had real-time, independent monitoring.

  • There is a lot of value-add in radio advertising.

Radio campaigns extend far beyond 30 second spots. There are sponsorships, product giveaways, competitions – many different ways for advertisers to get their products in the hands of potential customers.

In the digital marketplace, getting close to customers is about algorithms and data and impressions and clicks. The job of getting product into hands, is still up to the marketer.

  • All the new digital kids are turning to radio.

Digital advertising companies want clients to get excited about clicks. Radio has been interactive since Black Thunders gave away sunscreen at the beach. (Geo-targeting anyone?)

Digital, mobile and video companies are now all realising that audio is the best attention-grabber for any form of advertising, and are trying to figure out how to do audio better.

And everybody wants to be on the car dashboard – where radio has been for years.

So when someone from digital or interactive starts pitching you a campaign full of buzzwords like ‘impressions’ and ‘clicks’ remember who you’re trying to reach and why.

Radio isn’t perfect. But it is real.