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We Just Decided To

We would like 2016 to be the year the Australian radio industry focusses on radio advertising.

Even with the advent of other revenues from online and mobile, the traditional radio spot still represents the single most valuable inventory for Australia’s commercial radio stations.

So, more focus on radio advertising is needed to ensure stations are deriving the absolute maximum value from traditional radio spots.

All that’s required is a commitment to channel the same creativity and determination we use for content – into advertising.

The focus and passion to find the right people to produce great programs, to connect with listeners on their own terms and to constantly evaluate, tweak and improve, should be applied to radio advertising and advertisers.  

Australian radio is well regarded world-wide for identifying, nurturing and producing great on air talent.  The traditional radio-TV dual personality is now being extended with radio networks recruiting from podcasters and bloggers.

But we don’t search high and low for great copywriters or audio producers. The Siren Awards are a showcase for talent yes- but there’s no serious attempt to find, train and hire, the talent that drives the standard of competition for the Sirens higher.

We do harness our creativity for sales promotions for clients – but why limit ourselves?

Why, 96 years after the first Australian radio broadcast, are radio commercials still the same?  If the quality of advertising content had improved at the same rate as the quality of sound recording, listeners would be actively listening to ads and liking them, instead of switching over.

And why, when technology makes everything else ‘flexible’ are radio commercials still 30 seconds, or (worse!) 15 seconds. Why not 33 or 43 or 62? Why do we push ourselves to craft entertaining talk breaks for listeners and not even consider an extra second or two for our paying advertisers?

The answer is simple. We decided to commit to great content.

If Australian radio WANTS to turn the advertising world on its head – and make radio advertising the most entertaining, engaging, valuable and sought after advertising inventory in the world, WE CAN.

We just have to decide to and then do it.