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RadioMATRIX: Making Radio Easier

The best thing for radio ads... since the jingle.

RadioMATRIX makes radio airtime easier to buy, sell, manage and invoice.   Easier for Radio Networks

From sales, to traffic, to finance the business of radio just got a whole lot easier.

RadioMATRIX makes sure media agencies are up to date with every change, in every campaign, every day.  One file automatically uploaded at the end of the day provides all the booking confirmation information media agencies need.  RadioMATRIX collates your booking confirmation data into the relevant media agency groups, and translates it ready for downloading into the media agencies' BCC software.

When agency managers start their day, BCC shows them a quick overview of your schedules, highlighting any changes. If they don't agree, they let you know. At the end of the month that means fewer account queries, faster cash flow and far better client service.

Easier for Media Agencies

RadioMATRIX is your one stop shop for radio holdings:

  • Collects daily holdings from radio networks.
  • Separates holdings into relevant media agency groups.
  • Translates radio data into BCC compatible data.
  • Translates radio's week commencing Monday into your week commencing Sunday.
  • Monitors data delivery so you don't have to guess whether there's been an update or not.

It's MFA tested and works seamlessly with BMD and Spectra MD.

Ask your radio rep if they have RadioMATRIX today.