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AudioNET Monitoring Services for Agencies and Advertisers

AudioNET and AirCheck work together to provide advertisers and agencies with clear, useful information for planning, auditing and analysing campaigns.

With its own network of listening posts around Australia, AirCheck gathers data independently of the radio stations and uses each audio file's unique fingerprint to match and title radio commercials and music.

This means AirCheck independently builds reports of what commercials went to air on which radio stations and at what time. The AudioNET system, using the media agencies' own SMD booking data, overlaid with the AirCheck airplay data, displays the real-time results in clear, easy to read reports and graphs such as:

When your radio spots are dispatched via AudioNET the AirPlay reports can drill down to key number level -  showing exactly which key number(s) played, where and when.  This can be vitally important information when there are different versions of audio with specific rotation requirements, or key numbers for specific day parts or different states.

AudioNET reports free up your time to concentrate on other aspects of the campaign. Our support team will ensure all spots are accounted for.  Unlike station "post times" our reports will pick up carting errors, technical problems, or audio which has been corrupted by another spot playing over the top.

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