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SoundDeliveries - OP59 TVC compliance

It doesn't matter how professional you are, even when you know your TVC audio is OP-59 compliant it's out of your control once you send it somewhere else for striping...then they send it somewhere else for dispatch.

That's when the 'fit can really hit the shan' because when the TV Network or the dispatch company reject that TVC, the finger pointing calls and emails begin.

Save yourself the time, the stress and the uncertainty. Save your clients the cost of last minute adjustment or resubmission.


Protect your TVC audio with and deliver your audio for striping with a SoundDeliveries Certificate number attached.

That way everyone knows if the final TVC fails OP-59 somebody else screwed with your audio.

With SoundDeliveries powered by AudioNET - Your reputation remains intact. OP-59 Compliance with Speed, Security & Simplicity.


We’re here to help you, just give us a call on 03 9999 1959 or email