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Our Solutions

AudioNET solutions are designed to bridge the communication and delivery gaps between clients and suppliers of radio commercials, so that commercials get to air faster, easier and more reliably.

Since we began, AudioNET has been unique in its holistic approach to radio advertising: recognising the different roles and relationships among radio stations, production studios, creative agencies and media agencies.

AudioNET works closely with software developers from both the radio and advertising industries, this ensures we'’re constantly improving our systems and providing the best support possible for agencies, studios and stations.  Our clients benefit from our innovations in radio commercial dispatch and monitoring of radio commercial airplay. Our support staff are highly regarded as helpful, professional and always available. 

Our solution philosophy revolves around a few key principles:

  • Simplicity: Simplifying systems and work practices without making them simplistic.
  • Transparency: In everything we do. All clients get the same level of service. We believe in open communication with all our clients and our staff.
  • Service: Under-promise and over deliver.
  • Technology: Appropriate use of technology. Let computers do what computers can do, so people can spend their time and effort being creative.
  • Prosperity: We prosper when our clients prosper. It's good business for us to help our clients grow their businesses by offering new revenue streams.

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