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AudioNET Dispatch

AudioNET® was launched in January 2002 as Australia's first Internet dispatch and delivery service for broadcast quality audio, specialising in the dispatch of radio commercials.

Dispatching radio material is simple with AudioNET and happens at the same time the unique fingerprint of each Key Number is submitted to AirCheck, ready for monitoring your client’s radio campaign. 

  1. Client’s creative agency or designated production studio logs on to  and selects the stations required to receive the current radio material, and uploads the WAV files for each Key Number.
  2. The AudioNET system automatically performs the Commercial Radio Australia mandated quality control checks and the audio files are instantly and simultaneously submitted to the AirCheck monitoring system for fingerprinting and available to the stations for downloading into their playback system. 
  3. The creative agency or studio managing the dispatch receives an e-mail confirmation that the delivery is complete.

At that point the stations are ready to start playing the client’s radio material at the next scheduled spot and the AirCheck system is ready to track each and every airplay of every individual Key Number.

If you are a creative agency or studio that does not already have an AudioNET account, contact AudioNET support on 1800 003 155 or e-mail and you can be set-up within minutes. We can also supply you with a more detailed dispatch tip sheet, and any other advice or assistance required. Our Support team will even hold your hand over the phone on your first dispatch, if you like.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our support desk on 1800 003 155.