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AudioNET Campaign Audio Verification (AV). Protecting Your Audio Buying Investment.

AudioNET AV is the single most efficient way to protect your commercial audio investment. By combining our proprietary processes and systems with the completely independent data supplied by AirCheck, Australia’s only fully independent verification data source. We monitor and audit the on-air delivery of your advertising on Australia’s commercial audio networks. 

We identify on-air audio discrepancies between what has been booked and paid for and what is being delivered for some of Australia’s biggest brands. On average, between 4% to 10% of commercial advertising audio is delivered in error*.

Due to the manual nature of the audio buying process, we cannot eliminate errors entirely. These errors occur because of incorrect information being supplied to radio networks by advertising and media agencies, radio networks trafficking and loading of supplied advertising creative incorrectly or general broadcasting issues, which are not evident when using station "post times" alone.

AudioNET’s Audio Verification Team monitors your campaign activity, identifies any errors providing agencies with independent and irrefutable evidence used to secure make-goods from radio networks, equal to or more than the cumulative value of the errors identified. 

Aside from being the simple most cost-effective* way of protecting your media investment, AudioNET AV will also deliver the added benefit of increasing your bonus activity. We find that simply by AudioNET verifying your activity, radio stations will have your audio buy front of mind. This often translates into unexpected bonus activity for your client.

We Audit All Metro and Most Regional Commercial Stations So You Don't Have to.

AudioNET and AirCheck work together to provide advertisers and agencies with clear, useful information for planning, auditing and analysing campaigns.

With its own network of listening posts around Australia, AirCheck gathers data independently of the radio stations and uses each audio file's unique fingerprint to match and title radio commercials and music. Currently we're able to actively monitor and audit your campaigns across the markets and radio stations below. We plan to activate more regional markets soon.


2GB, Sky Sport Radio (2KY), 2DAY, 2MMM, 2SM, 2CH, KIIS 1065, 2UE 954, Nova 969 & Smooth 95.3, The Edge 96.1& WSFM, 1170am SEN

3AW, 3MMM, 101.9 Fox FM, Gold 104.3, KISS 101.1, Magic1278,  Smooth 91.5, Sports Radio 927 & Nova 100, SEN1116

4BC, 4KQ, 4MMM, 97 3, B105, 4BH 882, & Nova 106.9

5AA, 5MMM, Cruise, SAFM, Mix 102.3 & Nova 919

6IX, 6PR, 96 FM, Triple M 92.9, Mix 94.5 & Nova 937

1047, 2CA, 2CC, MIX 106.3


Gold Coast
Triple M 92.5, SeaFM 90.9 & 1029 Hot Tomato 

Central Coast (Gosford)
Star 104.5, Triple M 107.7, & Hit 101.3

NEWFM 105.3, 2HD, Triple M 102.9 & Hit 106.9

K-Rock 95.5 & Bay 93.9

Less Than 0.1%† of Your Campaign Investment

On average, AudioNET AV costs less that 0.1% of your campaign investment and delivers you so much more.* Not only is it cost effective and the on-air reporting insights irrefutable, it frees up your time to concentrate on other aspects of the campaign and customer engagement. 

We use your estimated monthly spot volume to provide you your own spot rate; the more spot volume, the cheaper the rate gets.

AudioNET monitors your activity on an ongoing basis and can deliver you campaign verification reports on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Basically whatever frequency you need. 

Our standard weekly reports include:

  1. Detailed Discrepancy report
  2. Full Airplay listing (can be filtered by network, market, product or Key Numbers)
  3. Competitor Adjacency report
  4. Weekly SMD Post file. (Agency-wide file loaded into SMD for Spot Matching)

We also supply a reporting at the conclusion of each campaign which summaries your entire campaign. This includes the four standard reports listed above in addition to: 

  1. Bonus Activity
  2. Position in Break
  3. Spread Report (by Daypart or days of the week, or ½ splits in a session).

When your radio spots are dispatched via AudioNET the AirPlay reports can drill down to key number level - showing exactly which key number(s) played, where and when.  This can be vitally important information when there are different versions of audio with specific rotation requirements, or key numbers for specific day parts or different markets.

You can access some examples reports using these links:

AudioNET AV In Action.

Automotive: Active monitoring saves a major campaign
AudioNET was actively monitoring the rollout of a major campaign for a Japanese car brand. We promptly detected the absence of 38 missing spots. By crossing the supplied SMD and media plan we were able to determine that schedule was correct however audio had been loaded for another brand. We flagged the issues with the relevant radio networks and the issues was promptly rectified, leaving the media agency to negotiate makegoods.

Banking: ROI of 2,400%
A tier 1 bank saw 2,400% ROI on their Auditing Verification investment in the first week of their new reporting cycle. AudioNET detected errors costing the bank close to $6k*. The agency was able to leverage the error report to secure makegoods close to $12k* (*Estimated market rates provided by agency).

Insurance: Planning and Performance Insights
An Australia insurance brand used the AudioNET Day Spread and ½ hour split Spread report to optimise channel investment and better understand channel attribution, by cross referencing radio airplay with call centre activity and web quotes.

Retail/Supermarkets: Zero loss via active management
AudioNET verifies the audio activity of one of Australia’s major supermarket brands. Their activity is complex, multilayered, multi-market and time sensitive. We actively monitor their activity and identify any discrepancies as they occur. All errors are rectified immediately, replaced with commensurate inventory, and topped up with negotiated bonus spots.

Retail Telecommunications: 2:1 return value ration in makegoods
We detected $9,000 worth of discrepancies throughout their campaign activity. The agency was able to leverage our auditing insights to secure $18,000 worth of makegoods; a 1:2 ratio and a 570% return on their auditing subscription investment.

Setting Up A Subscription Is Quick and Easy. 

We can have you set up and ready to go with a couple of business days once we’ve received a signed copy of your subscription agreement. 

Once you’re all signed up, to have a campaign verified you must dispatch your creative via AudioNET. This watermark the audio so that our algorithm can track your activity and identify any discrepancies for our Audio Verification Team to interrogate. 

This just leaves you to supply AudioNET with an SMD file, a copy of the media plan and all Material Instructions (MIs) for all key numbers for all campaigns that you want verified. We can also work with your media systems team to automate the supply of SMD files.

We combine your SMD and MI information with our algorithm to actively manage, verify, audit and report on your activity.

To get started, just give us a call on 1800 003 155 or send us an email at

* Error rates are obtained from campaigns dispatched and audited by AudioNET and are a conservative indication of the broader industry trend.

† On average AudioNET Dispatch and Auditing cost less that 0.1% of campaigns managed by AudioNET.