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AudioNET's Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer - Dave Cox


Dave Cox started dreaming of a radio career at the tender age of three, playing with a toy microphone. His first job in radio was in 1983 doing mid-dawns at 2CA in Canberra while still at high school. In his spare time he was a nightclub DJ, too young to drink, but old enough to spin discs.

Over 15 years he worked in stations in Canberra, Lismore, Newcastle, Sydney and Adelaide. He's held several positions from cart-boy to announcing, including Music Director, Assistant Program Director, Copywriter, and Production.

In 1995, Dave won a national competition run by Austereo designed to foster new technology ideas among the staff. He then became Operations Manager for the Triple M radio network as the company implemented his ideas for a satellite network system.

Dave also worked as Operations Manager at Sky Radio and Sky Digital Courier throughout the design, development and installation stages of both the "SkyLink" satellite switching and "Sky Digital Courier" commercial delivery systems.

Dave founded DBM Systems, the company behind AudioNET, in 1997.

At AudioNET, Dave's job is to keep coming up with new ideas, support the staff, schmooze the clients, and write the cheques.

At home, Dave relaxes by cooking and consuming favourite foods and wines and smoking Cubans. His weekend golf games are currently forfeited in favour of family time with his daughter, Cassidy.


Marketing Director - Verity Webb

Verity's career in radio spanned 13 years (unlucky for some) from cadet journalist at radio 5AD in Adelaide to ABC Radio Sydney News Editor with several stops in newsrooms in between. Her PR career included Media Relations for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and national communications manager at KPMG Australia. Her proudest moment was being allowed to read news on air at 5AD and telling her parents she was being paid to talk!

Extraordinary career events include working through the Newcastle earthquake and covering the national Papal Tour of Australia in 1986.

At AudioNET, Verity's jobs are mainly related to PR and gift-giving. Verity is responsible for the AudioNET website (the public one), the newsletter and company sponsorships. Verity is also the human spell-checker for Dave and Vaughan.

At home, Verity spends most of her time managing Cassidy. She relaxes by eating Dave's cooking and drinking the wine collection.



Software Architect - Vaughan Roberts


Vaughan started writing computer games for fun while still at primary school. He majored in computer science at university and then started building websites for various companies including a magazine publisher and a couple of advertising companies.

His second most intriguing job was building a website to map airport flight paths in the US, so residents could keep track of the likely noise impact from aircraft.

His most intriguing job is keeping the contacts up to date on the AudioNET website. (Just kidding.)

At AudioNET Vaughan's job is to take Dave's ideas and turn them into simple and easy web applications. Vaughan is also the AudioNET juggling tutor.

At home Vaughan has a serious collection of comedy DVDs. He is uncontactable during cricket season.